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We believe that we must provide students with the necessary technological skills to thrive in the 21st century using technology in the classroom, where it creates new possibilities to explore a topic.

We do this through a dedicated Digital Technologies subject (S.T.A.R) for 1 hour a week exploring the Digital and Design Technologies Victorian curriculum.

Students are provided with a school gmail account and guided opportunities to use technology to connect, learn, collaborate and communicate with authentic local and global audiences; helping them become safe, responsible and aware digital citizens.

Our digital technologies subject, begins by exploring how students can protect their personal information and be aware of their digital footprint, cyberbullying and staying safe online. It also investigates data collection, filtering, interpretation and representation. Through real world projects, a variety of multimedia presentation skills are developed such as stop motion, ebooks, green screen technology, animation and mind maps.

The increasing importance of computer coding has led to a differentiated program where students begin by learning to code a small robot (Beebot) through sequence steps, then investigate algorithms, procedures and loops before finally writing their own code using Scratch and Makey Makey or Arduino.

Art and Digital Technologies successfully collaborate on a variety of projects.

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