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The foundation Principal of Holy Cross Mickleham is Mark Miatello who will bring more than 20 years of experience leading and teaching in Catholic schools across the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

Mark is honoured and excited by the opportunity to build a school “from the ground up” and is looking forward to drawing on his experience and passion, as well as the latest research, to ensure all students at Holy Cross achieve success.

Mark is looking forward to combining his school leadership experience with his commitment for teaching and learning to develop an optimal learning environment which has at its core a culture of putting the students at the centre.  He is endeavouring to provide learning that will be visible, dialogical, relational and optimistic.

Central to his beliefs is the importance of community.  Constantly working to develop a rich interconnection between families, the community and the school to improve student learning outcomes, build learner confidence and prepare students for lifelong learning in the 21st century will be his goal.

One of his first and most important priorities will be identifying a team of teachers whose knowledge, teaching skills and commitment are of the highest standard. He will be looking for teachers who are dedicated to providing an inclusive, rigorous learning environment that challenges and engages young people to grow as passionate learners.

Outside of education Mark loves going for walks, watching movies and listening to all types of music. He is also known to dabble in a bit of painting and photography. But he considers his greatest achievement to be his family – his wife and three children – and loves nothing more than holidays with them and country drives where they continue their quest to find the best vanilla slice!

Mark Miatello
Founding Principal

Education is very much a partnership and so there needs to be a true sense of shared responsibility and collaboration between our new school community and families.  Together, we will aim to nurture the faith, wellbeing and diversity of all our community.” 

All learners will achieve success.

My greatest desire is to ensure that all of our students at Holy Cross Mickleham flourish as learners.  Holy Cross Mickleham will be an innovative and student focussed school, in which we will deliver a high quality and personalised curriculum.

I am a very passionate educator and I am energised by working with others to ensure that we are creating an inviting and engaging learning community for our students.

Holy Cross will provide opportunities to enable every child to reach their full potential.

Research shows that no two students learn in exactly the same way because people process information differently. Some students learn mainly through experience or hands-on tasks, other students find lessons more meaningful when they are presented in a visual format.” 

At Holy Cross, we will provide an inclusive and rigorous learning environment that challenges and engages young people to grow as passionate learners.

“I look forward to developing Holy Cross Mickleham as a hub for our local community, where there is a sense of our school as a place of beauty and wonder”.

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