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Sarah Watson joins the team

With more than 17 year experience in classrooms, Sarah Watson is the latest teacher to join the Holy Cross team. Sarah is a Science, Technology, Arts and Reasoning Specialist teacher. We are pleased for Sarah to tell you a bit more about herself below:

I have taught all year levels as a classroom teacher and for the last 5 years I have taught Digital Technologies, which I absolutely love. I have also been a part of a PBL team that focuses on Positive Behaviour for Learning. This is a great framework for schools because it focuses on good behaviour and how that can make us better learners for life.

Every child is different, therefore it makes sense that not all children learn the same. So it is important to adapt tasks where possible to meet students’ needs, while still challenging them to learn something new. Setting personalised goals with students is a great way to help them focus on what they need to achieve, rather than comparing themselves to others.

The best part of being a teacher is getting to know the students and developing a positive relationship with them. It is also great to see their growth as a learner. There is nothing better than being there to witness a child’s excitement when they grasp a topic that they have previously struggled with.

In my current role as a Digital Technology teacher I use robotics to teach students how to code. Most of them have never done coding before, so they are very excited when they are able to complete the code to make a robot talk and move the way they want it to.

It is so exciting to be a foundation teacher in a brand new school. We have the opportunity to build a school from scratch that is positive, safe and welcoming. A place in which children, parents and staff work together to create the best possible learning environment for our community.

I grew up in Craigieburn and I have very happy memories of my school life, especially Primary School. Some of my teachers had a very positive influence on me as they helped support me through difficult times and inspired me to learn new things. I also developed great friendships with people that I am still friends with today.

I am now married with 3 beautiful children who I adore. I think that my kids have made me a better teacher as they give me an insight into the way students feel about their experiences at school.

Outside of school life I love watching movies and spending time with family and friends. I enjoy crafts such as origami, making cards, invitations and gifts for friends. I love going on holidays with my family, especially to new places. This is something that we have really missed over the last 2 years.

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