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We welcome Classroom Teacher Charlotte Birrell

Hello, my name is Charlotte Birrell and I would love to tell you a little about myself.

During my spare time, I love to dance, go boating on the Murray River and cook dinner for my family and friends.

I have known I wanted to be a primary educator for as long as I can remember, beginning with playing ‘teachers’ at home from a very young age. I found my true passion for becoming a teacher at the age of 12, realising I wanted to be the change in students’ lives and ensure that no child is left behind. Continuing this passion, I obtained qualifications in ‘Certificate 3 in Early Childhood’ and ‘Bachelor of Primary Education’.

Since 2015, I have had experience working with children and have developed my own approach to learning. This approach includes creating a supportive, equitable and inclusive classroom, where students must feel safe to express who they are and strive to their highest potential.

I believe students deserve consistency and to be fully supported by their teacher in their learning journey. I believe education should not be lined tables and chairs in a classroom but rather a focus on movement, collaboration, supporting mental health and embracing the outdoors.

I am thrilled to be a part of Holy Cross Primary School, working under and in collaboration with the highly renowned Mark Miatello and I look forward to meeting all of the amazing students and parents to develop a new supportive community.

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